What about Corsair K95 RGB gaming keyboard – Superb Ergonomics Backed Keyboard

What about Corsair K95 RGB gaming keyboard – Superb Ergonomics Backed Keyboard

Corsair is back, and that too with an ultimate gaming keyboard which is the next big thing’ for gamers. The keyboard is mechanical, programmable and can also be personalized. It is the latest version of the old vengeance model from the brand. The new model has come with a shorter name and a multicolor backlighting feature for every key. This helps the gamers to tweak the keyboard as much as they want. With eighteen macro keys and about 16.8 million colors, this is one solid keyboard and most gamers are rooting for it. So in case you’re planning to splurge in this keyboard, here is a detailed Corsair K95 RGB review. For more reviews about gaming keyboard you can pay more attention to us.

Corsair K95 RGB gaming keyboard Features

The keyboard comes with a distinctive design made from machine grade aluminum base. It has a removable wrist rest and a 134-key design that perfectly syncs with the mechanical key switches. Constructed from the best grade of metal, the structure of the keyboard is solid. The height can be adjusted and the wrist rest comes with more textured and comfortable finish thereby keeping the keyboard an edge ahead of other products.

One of the most impressive aspects of the product is however the 122-key rollover. With this rollover, you can actually press any key on the keyboard and enjoy flawless gaming without any logjam. This model of Corsair is also equipped with the Cherry MX red bump that gives you a softer and clicky feel about the entire thing.

Cherry MX Switch performance:

cherry swtich status list

The keyboard is a perfect option for gamers who are looking out to enjoy lag free gaming. Not only does it help you in gaming, but it also comes with the best range of basic functions. The keyboard comes with all the standard number, function and letter keys with the numeric pad of 10-keys. What is new is the media control that can be quickly programmed with relatively longer macros. This means the keyboard comes with thirteen more customizable keys than any other regular gaming keyboard. You can even swap the keys between the programmable commands up to 108 keys. This is double of the commands of the earlier version of crosshair.


Another striking feature of this keyboard is the very fact that all the keys and buttons come with an automatic backlight system. This can also be programmed and chosen from your preferred color in the rainbow. You can always tweak the macros, functions and the commands with the corsair utility engine. Additionally, you can even customize colors and add your preferred effects.

K95 RGB software
Powerful software can Giving the player more playability and functionality

You can follow this link to download the K95 RGB driver from official site:


Why do we love gaming keyboard?

We’ve been using the keyboard for a couple of days and the results are more than just awesome. We love the keyboard as it is perfectly suitable for both the daily work as well as gaming. The features and tweaks to impressed me more than ever. In fact, no matter how intensely you hammer away on this keyboard- whether it is for meeting stringent deadlines or combating your deadly competitors- this is one keyboard that will never disappoint you. So go for it and enjoy a gaming experience like never before.