Let’s disassemble it Cherry classic G80-3000 Mechanical Keyboard Review

Let’s disassemble it Cherry classic G80-3000 Mechanical Keyboard Review

Cherry, this should be a brand born with a mechanical keyboard. It is the production of the world’s best mechanical trigger switch – MX Switch manufacturers. I know the range, in addition to individual manufacturers with independent research and development capabilities, the vast majority of high-end keyboards equipped with the switch of Cherry. At the same time Cherry also has its own rich production of mechanical keyboard, many of them 3000 series, 1800 series and stylish MX-BOARD and other classic works. Should be able to say so, Cherry with its switch and classic products, changing the history of mechanical keyboard.

Today I am honored to bring you the most classic cherry – G80-3000 mechanical keyboard review.

“Perhaps the only mechanical keyboard sold for 26 years,” is the best interpretation of the classic.

From 1989 the first G80-3000 mechanical keyboard came out, and now this model is still popular, G80-3000 with factual data to show people that it has not disappeared over time, but because of the classic and timeless.

About Cherry

Speaking from the birthplace of Cherry in Germany. Compared with France and Italy, Germany is not really famous for pursuing art. Even with the glittering embellishment of the night sky by classical masters such as Goethe, Schiller and Beethoven, it is still a bit bleak compared with star-studded France and Italy. The pursuit of romance in Latin culture, Anglo-Saxon culture pursued practicality.

In this historical context, we believe that the Germans rigorous and rigorous national culture for a reason. In this national character, German products seem to be born with a “solid workmanship” and “strict quality control” and other aura. In highlighting the workmanship at the same time had to find a shortcoming of German products – the lack of beauty!

Let’s disassemble it

cherry g80 3000 white keyboard

PCB, G80-3000 board is relatively simple. After all, this keyboard does not have: full keyboard without conflict, no pre-programmed, there is no LED lighting design. This mechanical keyboard PCB is very simple, neat and clean. The G80-3000 PCB is a double-glazed panel and is the most common agate green. Switch is a pentagonal shaft and have good welding. The whole board is precisely because these lines are full of sense of science and technology from the last century.

g80 3000 keyboard switch

cherry g80 3000 swtch

This keyboard uses a hybrid MX switch design, the spacebar uses a gray switch to give the user a lighter and quicker “click” experience.

Interestingly, G80-3000 MCU and PCB are not together, they are two independent part. The MCU at the top right of the entire keyboard, commands all the other components in the most supreme position of the keyboard. G80-3000 in fact also made the protect pull-line cable design, but the designer put this clip inside the keyboard. On the wire, G80-3000 does not use nylon braided wire which it is very common now.

cherry g80 3000 PCB 1

cherry g80 3000 PCB 2

The follow shows all the parts of this keyboard. In this concise list, you do not see the presence of screws. G80-3000 shell is sealed with a closed internal design to seal the entire keyboard included with the PCB. However, the accuracy of the abrasive will affect the degree of confinement of this design, so the shell will be have 1mm gap.

cherry g80 3000 keyboard disassemble

About keycaps

In the keycap color, more gray than the EP series. EP contrast slightly milky white. Fonts are also more detailed than the EP series. In the keycap thickness, no doubt is a little thinner than the EP, but I also think it can be considered as a very good keycaps.

Cherry g80 3000 Mechanical Keyboard keycaps

Cherry g80 3000 Mechanical Keyboard keycaps 2

Filco was born in 1982, Logitech was born in 1982, Corsair was born in 1994, Razer was born in 1998, SteelSeries was born in 2001. Compared with them, Cherry was born in 1953 and already a hobble old man. This classic keyboard model also come out 26 years, this unique keyboard design, and classic design concepts, has captured the hearts of consumers, if you need a classic, introverted mechanical keyboard, I believe Cherry G80-3000 Wired Professional Keyboard with Gold Crosspoint Contacts (Black) is a good choice.

Cherry-g80-3000-Mechanical-Keyboard-Appearance1 Cherry-g80-3000-Mechanical-Keyboard-Appearance 2 Cherry-g80-3000-Mechanical-Keyboard-Appearance 3