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The soul of gaming keyboard let me tell you something about Cherry MX Switches

The soul of gaming keyboard let me tell you something about Cherry MX Switches

Keyboards are the interface between you and the virtual world, whether you are battling your opponent in your favourite video game or working on a presentation, which your boss asked you to prepare on a short notice. You are as fast as your keyboard; which is why you should be very careful while buying them.

cherry_MX_blue_switchesThough Rubber dome keyboards and hologram keyboards look good and are efficient, but no offense, the ever so familiar feel and sound of clicking mechanical keyboards is what most of us prefer. The bump of the keys under your fingertips and hearing the clicking sound is like a mental feedback loop which we are addicted to. Having said that, this all happens if you choose and work with the right mechanical keyboards.

Keyboards are made of switches and Cherry MX switches are one of the best that you can ask for. They are manufactured by the Cherry Corporation, which is one of the oldest companies, that still manufactures keys for mechanical keyboards. Some of the best Cherry MX Switches Keyboards available online are- Filco Majestouch-2, Deck 82 Blue LED Backlit PBT, Vortex POK3R white and the Leopold FC900R Black.

Before you get confused on which one you should buy, first talk about which type of switches will be suitable for you. Basically, there are two kinds of Cherry MX switches: Linear and Tactile. They are colour coded, which makes it easy to identify them.

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Linear Cherry MX Switches

These switches work on a simple up and down movement, without any tactile force coming into play. They are the simplest and usually make a loud clicking sound each time you press them. The linear switches are again of two types.

The Black Linear Cherry MX Switches are probably the oldest, with a slightly high actuation force of 60 cN. This means that the spring underneath them are strong, which is why the switches feel heavy when you type. Nowadays, the use of these black switches are mostly confined to RTS video games, because the heavy switches help in avoiding accidental pressing of keys. For more details about Cherry switches i recommend you follow this links:

The Red Linear Cherry MX Switches are the most recent types of switches developed by Cherry corporation. They were introduced in 2008 and were primarily designed to heighten the gaming experience of people. The switches require a moderately low actuation force, which feels light on your fingers. They are designed in a way that you can enjoy gaming for a long duration, without the need to stop, just because your fingers can’t take it anymore.

Tactile Cherry MX Switches


The tactile switches are designed to achieve a heightened typing feedback, which is a requisite for many people. These switches are designed with and without the loud clicking sound.

The Cherry MX Brown Tactile Switches. They soon gained popularity, as they provide an optimal gaming and typing experience. They are usually preferred in offices, due to their non-clicky nature. The Filco keyboards are an example of best Cherry MX Switches Keyboards ever made.

The Cherry MX Blue tactile switches are like the brown ones, except for a slightly high actuation force and the clicking sound. It is usually sought by typists and less preferred for gaming applications.

Now that you know, choose from the best Cherry MX Switches Keyboards available, as per your need and preference. May be the next generation won’t like them, but for us it is delight to use mechanical keyboards, except for a few who get annoyed by clicking.