best 7.1 gaming headset for play PUBG under $30

best 7.1 gaming headset for play PUBG under $30

Winer winer chicken dinner´╝üIf someone asks you, what is the most popular game now? I think you will answer: PUBG. This is a game similar to H1Z1: KOTK and make a PUBG global wave among the game players. Many players who never play a FPS/TPS game before also began to join the PUBG players lineup. But these players have ignored the gaming headset is how important.
best pubg gaming headset

Why does PUBG need a 7.1 gaming headset?

First of all, I first introduced what is the 7.1-channel gaming headset. In simple terms, use the headset to achieve 7.1 channels. In other words, ordinary headphones only left and right two channels, and 7.1-channel gaming headset can achieve 7.1 channels of full space sound simulation. In PUBG, we can easily through the 7.1-channel headphones to know the direction of the enemy’s position, through the enemy’s noise. Because the 7.1 channel gaming headset is the most powerful headset to show the real sound and sound position.

Real 7.1 channel and Virtual 7.1 channel

Virtual 7.1-channel headphones are often have only 2-4 sound units, through the software to achieve the effect of 7.1-channel simulation. The price of this headset is usually lower. The real 7.1-channel headphones use a multi-sound units to achieve multi-channel effects, but the price will generally be higher.

7.1 Virtual Sound gaming headset under $30-SADES Wolf 7.1 gaming headset

For this headset, first of all we like low-cost and high-quality goods. In the 30 dollars and has a 7.1 channel function, but also with the shinning LED. I think this is the best. You can find this on amazon, there is a variety of color models, white, black, red and so on. Personalized color and good LED lighting make this headphones have more cost-effective.

7.1 Sound gaming headset under $60

CORSAIR VOID PRO RGB USB Gaming Headset with DOLBY HEADPHONE 7.1 Surround Sound for PC

CORSAIR offers players a lot of high quality and popular gaming hardware. This headset is one of the best. First of all, this headset is a real 7.1-channel headphones, and this headset through the Dolby sound certification, in the same type of headphones in this headset has a very high acoustic quality.

You also need to pay attention to these:

1, gaming headset usually comes with a microphone, different headset design will design the microphone into a hidden or non-hidden style. Non-hidden style microphones are also designed to be removable in some medium-to-high-end models. These have no effect on the quality of the headphones, only care about whether you need this design.

2, USB or 3.5mm plugs, ordinary headphones will use 3.5mm plugs to connect the computer, but gaming headsets in order to ensure the quality of sound will usually use USB to link the computer, this is what you need attention.

3, weight Weight of the headset also you need to consider, if the headset too heavy, long wear will aggravate your neck fatigue.

By the way you can come to amazon to see more results about gaming headsets: game headset